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The 7 Triggers to Yes: The New Science Behind Influencing People's Decisions
2013-08-08, 2:50 AM
Success is achieved by getting agreement and  cooperation from others.
A single blockbuster discovery will help you easily get the decisions and actions you seek from others. This exciting scientific insight, distilled from cutting-edge research in live brain imaging, is both surprising and unequivocal. The documented summary from the new research is fascinating:
“We are not thinking machines, we are feeling machines that think.”
We can effectively influence others’ decisions only when we understand how the human brain actually makes decisions. Today, for the first time, we know.

The brain has an internal self-guidance system triggered primarily by feelings and emotions, not by facts, data and logic. By activating others’ internal triggers, you persuade the decisions and actions you want others to make.

The 7 Triggers to Yes not only explores and explains the seven key motivators we universally employ to make decisions, it provides a real-world, applicable process foractivating each trigger. If you lead, sell, manage or interact with other people, this system you will help you quickly, easily activate “Yes!” decisions. The 7 Triggers to Yes will turn your own goals and dreams into tangible reality.
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