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77 Ways To Make Her Want to Fuck You Free Download
2013-08-08, 1:00 AM

  • The Secret Seduction Triad that instantly (and very subtly) makes you alluring, entrancing and irresistible. (Method #1) A “fun ‘n’ filthy” tactic to produce screams of orgasmic pleasure. Using this bold maneuver expresses your dominance and drives her WILD. (Method #12)
  •  A little-known ‘takeaway’ strategy to put animal attraction on steroids. (Method #2)
  •  How to make your girl experience what it’s like to have mind-blowing sex with you... before you even take your clothes off. (Method #9)
  •  This single sentence gets her heart-pounding instantly. Combine it with a “tension glance” and moisten panties in seconds. (Method #4) 
  • The Secret Of Sexual Serendipity. Don’t freak out! It’s not mystical, magical or superstitious BS… sexual serendipity is a powerful force available to you right now. Here’s how to tap into it… (Method #32) 
  • Why offering ‘just the tip’ is the fool-proof way to unleash her inner sex animal. (Method #8) 
  • Why playing The Blame Game is the fastest and easiest way to Stealth Seduction. (She won’t know what you’re doing until she’s glued to your dick.) (Method #22) 
  • How to “text” the sex INTO your relationship. The simple text game that seduces FOR you. (And don’t be surprised if she’s hammering on your front door an hour later!) (Method #14)
  •  Why getting it on in public lights her fire quicker than kerosene. (Method #24)

It’s ALL about the push-pull. The playful back and forth to seize her interest and escalate her attraction to you effortlessly. Take just a handful of these 77 sure-fire seducers and you’ll see how EASY it really is to get crazy-hot women literally throwing themselves at you…
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